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There are a whole host of other features, designed to help you increase your visibility of the business and improve efficiency and decision-making.  What’s more, it’s easy to upgrade: minimal training is required and the implementation process will be straightforward, with the help and support you’ll receive from A-Tech Services.

  • Improved reporting is a key benefit, with over 60 reports you can export directly to Excel®.
  • Open period accounting
  • Error correction functionality in the ledgers
  • Remote connection to your data

Pegasus Opera II is a complete financial and business management solution. Its flexible reporting and analysis functions put you in control of your business, whilst innovative alerting and scheduling tools enable you to maximise productivity: ensuring your organisation operates as efficiently as possible.

The full product can no longer be sold to new customers, the latest solution from Pegasus is Opera 3.

Modules can still be purchased for existing Opera II licences so please contact us for more details.

If you currently use Opera II and are looking for support or development for your solution please contact us

Why Upgrade to Opera 3

If you currently use Opera II or Opera 16, investigate the added features have been added and enhancements in Opera 3 which can improve the way you work. 

New features only available in Opera 3: