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Our broadband services provide you with a high quality, reliable connection in a choice of monthly allowance and underlying connectivity options to meet varying customer requirements. Choose from a rate adaptive ADSL connection for speeds of up to 8Mbps* or where available**, an ADSL2+ connection providing you with greater stability and potentially faster speeds* at no additional cost. Alternatively, you can opt for a fixed rate service in a choice of three speeds; 512Kbps, 1Mbps or 2Mbps. 


Our packages clearly differentiate between the needs of business and residential customers and are easily identified as Business or Family packages.   Both options allow you to accommodate additional bandwidth needs through top-ups and per 1GB overuse options. 


Business Packages                                                                       

Our business packages range from 15GB to 180GB and include key business features such as traffic prioritisation and business friendly bandwidth allowance times. All Business packages, with the exception of Unlimited, include either Elevated Best Efforts
(EBE) where available, or provide an increased upload speed of up to 832Kbps.  EBE is available where BT exchanges have been WBC*** enabled and guarantees minimum throughput of 3Mbps over the BT network subject to line sync rate. This minimum level of service is guaranteed for 90% of the time over the busiest 3 hour period. 

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Family Packages

Our Family packages are available in a range of monthly allowance options ranging from just 1GB to 120GB.


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*The actual speed achieved depends upon the distance from the exchange and the quality of connection.

**ADSL2+ is only available to customers connected to 21C enabled exchanges. To find out if ADSL2+ is available to you please contact us.

***WBC (Wholesale Broadband Connect) is a national broadband aggregation and transport service that is the basis for BT’s 21st Century Network. The rollout of WBC enabled exchanges is continuing throughout the UK and is expected to be completed by 2012. New services such as ADSL2+ and EBE are only available on WBC based connections.